Three Dimensional Artwork

Apparently, this strange piece of artwork became the centre of a controversy in Beirut as it was likened to the Star of David, a symbol understandably not too welcome in Lebanon. However, someone suggested that it was actually Masonic. As many of our readers will already known, Freemasonry’s philosophies are …

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My Dream of Love, Peace and Harmony in the World

An article covering a recent speech by the Lebanese Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs stressed that the recently re-imposed sanctions by the US administration on Iran are also aimed at waging economic war on his country too. Maybe not just his country. This sparked a thought in my mind …

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Trans-Neutrality of the colour of

Journalism and the media outlets requires facing multiple problems in the world related to their work, funding, performance and continuity. Although the authorities are dealing with the journalists as a body separate from the media, when confronted with it they face the background of this institution one way or another. This …

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