A Journalist is not a Judge!

the Executive Director of the Nordic center for conflict transformation Naoufal Abboud The peace is a process that should normally lead the parties to address their differences and accept a peace agreement. None of the parties should feel obligated to agree on a peace clause that they consider it as …

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Isolation is not a tool for peace building!

Peace building can’t be imposed, you can map an individual and you can consider him in accordance with your personal, non- scientific, opinion, as a problem rather than taking the advice of experts in conflict transformation. In the opinion of the Executive Director of the Nordic Centre for conflict transformation, …

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Dawn on my early Sunday morning walk. Well-being is defined as a state of being comfortable, happy or healthy. Sometimes you can accomplish all of those in a single event. Being a daily walker, I am often in those states of well-being as I am drawn into the beauty and …

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