Wednesday , February 19 2020


what opportunities are investors looking in media?

Media in Middle East is facing many problems. Some are related to the political arena, others are directly linked to the financial market. The traditional media always looked for funds through advertising or political campaigns funded by political figures, but these days investors in media are looking for new opportunities. …

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Freemasonry’s Attitude Regarding Criminals

I was recently asked this question: “Do Freemasons stay friends with a criminal who has been excluded from Freemasonry?” First and foremost, Freemasonry is an organisation we choose to belong to and, as with any organisation, there are rules and guidelines to follow. However, who a Freemason befriends is entirely  …

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Propaganda Due, The Lodge of ‘God’s Banker.’

In the 1980’s, a clandestine Italian Masonic lodge named Propaganda Due (P2) became the centre of a scandal, involving Italy’s second largest private bank (Banco Ambrosiano), the Mafia, the Vatican and a murder. P2 lodge was once a warranted lodge under the Grand Orient of Italy, which itself endured an …

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Freemasons, The Illuminati and The French Revolution

A startling claim has been made that ‘Freemasons do Revolutions,’ which has intrigued me to investigate why anyone should believe such a claim. Clandestine Freemasonry is a group of non masons that set up lodges outside the rule of a regular or irregular Grand Lodge, and this statement probably originates …

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Rite of Adoption – Women in Freemasonry

Many know that as Freemasonry evolved it was a men only Fraternity, and there are a few stories regarding the first woman Freemason, one being Elizabeth Aldworth (nee St Ledger), who after falling asleep in room adjoining a private Lodge in Ireland, witness a Masonic ceremony and was caught fleeing …

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Sketch: Secrets to know a Freemason by,,,,

Someone, whilst discussing Freemasonry with him, asked my colleague ”what is your age?” To which, quite understandably, she was confused!!! As this was unlikely to refer to her own age as it was made during a Masonic discussion, she referred to me for an understanding, as I am a seasoned …

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