Steve is part of the publishing team of Al-Khabar. He was initiated into Neptune Lodge 5150 EC In 1986 and completed his third degree by being exalted into Neptune’s Royal Arch Chapter in 1989; he also enjoyed two successive years in the Chair of KS in 1993/4. He has also enjoyed being a Mark Master Mason and a Royal Ark Mariner. He has been honoured with the position of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon. All the articles are his own and represent no Official Masonic Body

From Stonemasonry to Freemasonry

Apparently there are a few people around that find it difficult to separate Freemasonry from stonemasonry and believe that it was the Freemasons that built all those wonderful cathedrals in Medieval Europe; of course, it wasn’t, the builders were the stonemasons. Hopefully this article will assist in understanding the difference. …

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The True Origin of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is often misunderstood, as our regular readers are well aware; conspiracy theories abound with respect to Freemasonry. However, there is one strange misunderstanding which is misunderstood even by our own Brethren, as well as the non Freemasons and, of course, quasi masons (from clandestine lodges) alike! This involves the origin …

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The Mason’s Old Charges to respect a Fellow’s Family

You will often hear or see written that Freemasons regard themselves as one big family, and today it is expected to include the whole family, even though Speculative Freemasonry was originally men only. However, it’s not men only any more, as Freemasonry for women is flourishing; women have been able …

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Visiting or joining a regular Lodge

I am often asked questions which are related to clandestine Freemasonry (or irregular Freemasonry), so it is prudent to begin with a definition. A clandestine Lodge is loosely defined as a Lodge that falls outside the ancients tenets and principles of Freemasonry, it doesn’t belong to any recognised Grand Lodge …

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Can Freemasonry Be Secular?

As Freemasonry is not a religion, but a philosophical, philanthropical fraternity whose members believe in a Supreme Being (in most cases), can it be considered secular? Firstly, just what is secular or secularism? Strangely, the first thing that comes to mind (mine anyway), is the separation of Church and State, …

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Masonic Charitable Foundation UGLE

Apparently, charitable organisations in other countries are often seen as politicised, but in the UK this is not the case. There was some thinking that the Labour Party in 2008 wished to change the rules governing charities but this never materialised. Today, the Charity Commission (for England and Wales) sets …

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