“Covid-19 Surge, but no Arrest becomes a Global Norm”

The trend of not registering Police Cases against the culprits who are responsible for the Covid-19 surge is creating outrage among families across the globe and one such case has its eyes in Mumbai. A periodical set of complaints have been filed against the systematic spread of Covid-19 virus in the megacity, however, the authorities are following the norm of not registering a Police case to arrest the doctors who are allegedly leaking virus from Government Covid-19 Centre in Mumbai. The officials of Vanrai Police Station (Goregoan, Mumbai) continue to wait for approval of their senior officials even after a a detailed report has been prepared by them with approximately 118 complaints details and dozens of evidence that includes videos, photos, call – recording, emails, attacks and WhatsApp chat.

So far the Police have been taking superficial action against the situation but no efforts are taken to initiate the investigation in an ongoing biological war that is resulting in the death of millions. The Municipal Council in Mumbai is trying their level best to handle the situation but eventually, they hold limited powers for prosecuting any culprits. The complaint filed with Mumbai Police highlights major allegation against government doctors who are working in NESCO Covid-19 Government Mega Centre facility and Organisers for parties at their self-owned Villas/Bungalows during strict lockdown guidelines. As per the evidence in Police Statement, it has been claimed that the virus was transported from Covid-19 centres to these party villa/bungalow that has been entertaining partygoers from across the city & country which resulted in the major surge.


“World has seen a new evolution of mankind by coining the term of Covid Era.”

– Snehil Dhall


During the first wave of Covid-19, the Mumbai Police had raided & registered four Police cases under the sections of the Disaster Management Act, Epidemic Diseases Act, Indian Penal Code, and Maharashtra Police Act for violating COVID-19 government lockdown guidelines but no arrest were made. However, none of this had any difference to the partygoers which resulted in a second wave of the surge in Mumbai due to which now the complaints are filed against the organisers who also happen to be the doctors working in Government Covid-19 Mega Centres. One of the replies received against the complaint was from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Chairperson of Executive Board of the World Health Organisation who said “Should take it up with State Health Authorities”.

It seems that the State would take no substantial action so far as they are unclear of the legal system being able to handle additional cases while courts aren’t fully functional due to Judges and court staff also falling ill due to Covid-19. The situation seems to be the same across the country as Mareesh Pravir Sahay, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India mentioned that “There are many instances across the country where various events & activities are being organised that is leading to the surge in Covid-19 cases but none of the organizers and related persons are facing any complaint, FIR or criminal action whatsoever either under Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 or the IPC 1860.”

Furthermore, the culprit doctors have claimed that government has its scam going on by using taxpayers money for 1200 beds but only 100 beds are operational at NESCO Govt. Covid-19 Centre, however, as per sources the government is all set to initiate legal action against the previous regime for manipulating current state of medical supplies for Covid-19 patients. Under such circumstance, an Anglo-Indian Community Leader & Political Analyst, Mr. Jason Temasfieldt says “Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry is extremely important with the ongoing surge in Covid-19 cases in Mumbai since the Police haven’t yet taken the initiative to file a Case against culprit doctors, maybe because they themselves are clueless as to what is to be done during a time when there is a blame game that has been going on between State and Central due to political rivalry.”

The government now faces a political ballgame with lack of beds, lack of medical supply, lack of legal support, surge in the cases and no roadmap for reviving the situation. It would be a gutsy act of Mumbai Police if they globally be the first one in filing cases against the culprits for spreading the virus.


– Snehil Dhall is a criminologist and the founder of Crimeophobia – A Criminology Firm. He is a regular contributor in developing new techniques for solving various kinds of crime through neurocriminology research

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