Picasso and “The Family”: A painting of an artist who missed his family


In 1944, after Paris was liberated from the German invader, Picasso began a new affair with a student of painting named Francoise Gilot, who was forty years younger than Picasso, and in 1947 they had “Claude”, then “Paloma” in 1949.
In 1964, Francoise published a book about Picasso’s life, entitled “Life with Picasso,” in which she described Picasso’s indecent treatment and multiple betrayals that led her to leave him with her two children, and this was a severe blow for Picasso.
During his disagreements with his wife, Picasso married Jacqueline Roque, who was working in the pottery industry in the French Riviera, where Picasso was painting there on ceramics, and Jacqueline later became his lover then his wife in 1961, which continued with him until his death. Picasso’s marriage to Jacqueline was his revenge against Francoise Gilot, which made his relationship with his son and daughter Claude and Paloma greatly tension.
Jacqueline had played a role in worsening this relationship, and after the death of Picasso on April 8,1973, she kept his son and daughter Claude and Paloma from attending their father’s funeral.
It was clear that the year 1964 was the end of the only and beautiful family dream of the world painter, Picasso, and in this period, Picasso began many of his works, whether by drawing with ink or using the printing method in his works. He drew old subjects or repeated his previous drawings, such as drawing characters in the form of dwarves, as well as drawing in black ink and black dots. This work produced by this great artist in 1965, entitled The Family, explaining his psychological state and losing his wife and children in his later years. During a period when Picasso began to reconcile with his old age, and his attraction to young women began to wane.
Through this painting, Picasso expressed the state of loss, chaos, years, reflections of betrayal, lies, aspirations, dreams, and many messages that can be easily understood from this genius، full of emotions work.
It is known that Jacqueline Roque is the last wife of Picasso, who shattered his family and his relationship with his children and struggled to deprive them of their rights to their father’s inheritance, she lived alone and broken until she suicided by shooting herself in 1985 at the age of 59 years.
One of the paradoxes of this painting is that it reached Nasiriyah Palace, one of King Saud bin Abdulaziz palaces in Riyadh, where he ruled as the second king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
But the arrival of this brilliant work together with a group of paintings and art collections took place several months after the removal of the King Saud, who was a fan of Picasso’s works and one of the most important collectors of artistic and historical pieces in the world. So, he never saw or enjoyed this piece of art which has been sold at an auction for the collection of his palaces in 1965, to be an am

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