By Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov (1876-1945). One of the most important post-impressionist Russian painters, Gorbatov was born in the small town of Stavropol on the Volga River, and after studying architecture at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to the painting department, where he studied under the supervision Nikolai Dubovskoy and Alexander Kiselev, however, Gorbatov also shared many traits with his contemporaries from the Moscow School of Art World Movement such as Yuon, Petrovich and Tchaikovsky.
Venice is considered one of the paintings that represent the first artistic stages of Gorbatov and dates back to the year 1911. King Saud bin Abdulaziz bought the painting in 1956 and displayed it in his palace in Nasiriyah, then transferred it in 1960 to his palace in Badia, and after the end of King Saud’s rule in 1964 the ownership of this beautiful painting passed to the Saudi politician Ibrahim Al-Zobidy in 1965, who kept the painting in his private museum before the ownership passed to his son, businessman and politician Omar Al-Zobidy, who kept it for 15 years during his management of his father’s museum, and then transferred the ownership of this wonderful artwork to The Palace Museum in 2020.

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