Is Al Jazeera looking for Iran’s terrorism in a forum

In the article on the Arabic side of Al-Khabar entitled “Is Al Jazeera looking for Iran’s terrorism in a forum” there was reference to Freemasonry and conspiracy theories referred to by Al Jazeera in a YouTube video entitled “Does Freemasonry govern the world and the arrival of presidents in the White House?” A little later on in the article there was reference the “Shriners.”

In the YouTube video, which was basically about the conspiracy theories that are believed by many in the USA, the presenter told us that there is a symbol on the dollar bill that was Masonic. This is interesting as this didn’t appear into Freemasonry until 1797, but it was first designed into the Great Seal of the United States in 1782; it wasn’t added to the reverse of the one dollar bill until 1935. The “all seeing eye” or “eye of Providence” dates way back to Egyptian times, was used symbolically in Christianity in the middle ages, which the triangle representing the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This single eye is not used very much in Freemasonry (if at all, I have never encountered it in any ritual), it is mainly used in the movies which have promoted conspiracy theories first found in papal encyclicals when Freemasonry was blamed for the Risorgimento in 19th century Italy. As the Freemason in the video stated, many courageous figures in the past 300 years of history were Freemasons, this includes American Presidents and British Kings.

The second gentleman interviewed who repeated these conspiracy theories as fact was, as is often the case, was spouting utter nonsense, but conspiracy theorists always think they know as “fact” what others have never themselves witnessed. When it comes to Freemasonry, a denial doesn’t help as the conspiracy theorist has “insider information,” which, of course, the Freemason will always deny. But as I, too, am a Freemason with a great deal of inside information, I can categorically state that regular Freemasons are forbidden to discuss politics or religion at our meetings; besides, there simply isn’t time as 90% of our meetings is ritual, whilst the rest is spent on reading the summons, the minutes, reports from the Charity Steward, the Almoner, the Treasurer and the Membership Steward and ends with communications from Grand, Provincial Grand Lodge and visitors, all of which takes around 10 mins or so. We don’t even have any other business, our meetings are clearly defined, the only additions may be occasional ballots for new members, the next master and should we exclude any one for mis behaviour or non payment of fdues.

The Al-Khabar Arabic article also mentions the Shriners, which was founded in America and purely set up for fun (I guess American Masons don’t have as much fun as we do) and for charitable purposes, which we in England include at our regular meetings. The Shriners true name is the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, quite an unusual title. This came about in 1870 when a group of Masons gathered for lunch at a venue in New York City, where at a special table a group of fun loving Freemasons met regularly. They often discussed starting a new fraternity for Freemasons, one centring on fun and fellowship; two of them took this seriously enough to do something about it.

One of the two had been on a tour in France where he was invited to a party given by an Arabian diplomat. The exotic style, flavours and music of this Arabian themed party inspired him to suggest this as a theme for the new fraternity. The other enthusiast built upon this idea and with his knowledge of fraternal ritual used this idea to transform the Arabian theme into the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

The traveller’s name was Billy Florence, the transformer’s name was Walter Fleming and with the help of his fellow regulars he drafted a ritual, designed the emblem and costumes, formulated a salutation and declared that members would wear the red fez. Calling themselves “Mecca Shriners, they first met in a “temple” in 1872. I am certain their intention was to mimic the fun filled Arabian themed party, certainly not to offend anyone from that culture, more to praise them.

Shriners rapidly spread across the United States, and in the 1900’s also into Canada. Mexico and Panama. Today the Shriners International has spread into several countries and is dedicated to brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Shriners have turned into a huge charitable arm of Freemasonry across the USA , they have created 22 Shriners children’s hospitals all across the USA, with one in Canada and another in Mexico. Unlike the English Masonic Charitable Foundation, which s funded by Freemasons alone, anyone can make a donation to the Shriners. (

So, do Freemasons control who is the next president? Surely if this was true they would choose their own man, and Joe Biden is not a Freemason, and neither is his vice president, Kamala Harris. By the way, for those who think that Freemasonry is for men only, the first women’s regular Lodge, the American Lodge No 57, was founded on May 25th 2019 by the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons of the UK, which itself has been around since the early 1900’s and came from France

These articles are written and researched by W Bro Steve Froggatt PPJGD, former Chaplain of Neptune Lodge No 5150 EC. Steve was initiated into Freemasonry in 1986.They do not represent the view of any Grand or Provincial/District Grand Lodge.

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