Isolation is not a tool for peace building!

Peace building can’t be imposed, you can map an individual and you can consider him in accordance with your personal, non- scientific, opinion, as a problem rather than taking the advice of experts in conflict transformation. In the opinion of the Executive Director of the Nordic Centre for conflict transformation, Naoufal Abboud, consider this, “People are not the conflict but parties in it. One party cannot be considered as “the conflict,” in fact, both parties must separate the people from their positions and interests. Constructive peace negotiation is done from the perspective of interests and not focused on the people or an individual position.” You can apply strategies for social exclusion on that person to increase his poverty and make him marginalised, deprive him from social and professional life. Isolate him since his opinion will affect your reputation. But scientifically, according to the Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security at University of Maribor Igor Areh, isolating is for investigative interviewing. As an example, “if you are in a small room for a couple of days with almost no furniture, no friends, no family, no information, and wondering what the police are doing, for example, what may they have found at your home? They could find things which can be misinterpreted, it’s a pressure not easy to cope with, but then you become more obedient, and you talk. Of course you try to please them, or to make them leave you alone, maybe you just talk to so you can leave. So they elicit information but the trouble is that it may be inaccurate because they used psychological pressure. So they gather dubious information and you are mislead”.

Is this allowed for  a police officer to do so he might say: “Even if you are a police officer this is a risky technique. But isolating a suspect gives the police a chance to investigate and find evidence without it being destroyed by the suspect. Isolation is not a bad idea, but it should be well considered and humane. Police officers should never forget that a suspect may be innocent. Unfortunately, in most cases they believe that they are right even if they have absolutely no evidence. It’s just human thinking”


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ريتا بولس شهوان، صحافية وباحثة ساهمت في عدد من الكتب منها "الكويت وإرادة الاستقلال في الوثائق العثمانية" و "ماذا فعل مدحت باشا في الخليج"(ذات السلاسل) وعملت في عدد من الصحف والمواقع الالكترونية العربية. تلقت تدريبات دولية على الاستقصاء وتخصصت في الاستقصاء الاجتماعي – الاقتصادي كما تولي اهمية كبيرة للشأن السياسي.

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