Pierre el khoury : political problem is to be differentiated from the copyright & access to information

After a debate in Lebanon on the topic of access to copyright information, we took the initiative and continued our path by asking Professor Pierre El khoury, who is a specialist in Intellectual Property Rights  & Copyright Law, about this issue. He clarified that the political problem is to be differentiated from the copyright, adding, what is copyright to the writer remains his, notwithstanding the political differences or conflicts.

Deeper into the topic, referring to the stealing of an author’s ideas by experts, he said, “even if they will know the author’s thoughts and ideas they cannot use them if they are of original creation because the author is entitled of copyright. Copyright conflicts are not within the scope of the military court, they are subject to civil, penal or commercial jurisdictions.”

Furthermore, ‘Al-Khabar.co‘ asked him what if a competitor created a political problem for a journalist or a researcher to get access to his information. He said, “one should differentiate between the right of access to the information and the copyright. The former must be preserved specifically regarding the public information such as the laws, regulations, court decisions, etc., while the latter protects original works which are not freely accessible to public unless otherwise stated in the law”.

Professor Pierre wish that there was a statutory law in Lebanon securing the right to access the public information. It is something on which he is working on.

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