we have to think about the human cost here?

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I would buy a Mac if I wasn’t working for Microsoft Windows development, chief James Allchin wrote in an email to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and company co-founder Bill Gates. Formed in 1975, Microsoft was in the centre of the PC revolution.

While Steve Ballmer was a CEO, Vanity fair (a journal) called it “Microsoft’s Lost Decade” since Microsoft couldn’t beat iPod or Google, also Windows phones were in the last place in the list of phones. In August of 2014 Steve Ballmer decided to retire, “just after he had led a major reorganisation of the company,” and on the eve of announcing “a $7.2 billion deal with the Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia.”

In comes the role of the new CEO, Satya Nadella, the writer of the book about his journey Hit – Refresh. Satya, who joined Microsoft in 1992, turned the things around; he was the one who raised smart questions about the strategy of Microsoft, and in the words of Bill Gates “he didn’t completely break with the past – when you hit refresh on your browser, some of what’s on the page stayed the same (…).”

Under Satya’s leadership Microsoft has been able to transition away from a purely Windows-centric approach; he led the adoption of a bold new mission for the company. He is part of a continuing conversation that is reaching out to customers, top researchers and executives. And, most crucially, he is making a big gamble on a few key technologies, like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, where Microsoft will differentiate itself. Bureaucracy was being replaced by innovation, internal politics was being replaced by teamwork.

Then, in the words of Satya, “ by the summer of 2015 our leadership team was really coming together and the company was beginning to see momentum. Windows 10, which would be our most ambitious version ever, was nearing launch. The launch of Surface Pro 3 would prove that consumers and businesses alike wanted a tablet that could replace their laptop. We delivered Office for all devices, including Apple’s, and our cloud-based 365 added nearly 10 million subscribers. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform that competes with Amazon, was growing rapidly”.

If I was to summarise this story of Microsoft rising I would boldly focus on how Satya worked out on solving the “internel politics” that ruined the name of Microsoft and eliminating the lobbies inside this huge company by working on building a team that discuss ideas rather than how lobby for a better position or imposing one strategy. This company isn’t a social club or a political party divided into lobbies involved into politics they are involved in Helping humanity just like Bill Gates Foundation, which is focused on reducing the world’s inequality by working on eradicating polio through digital tracking tools. A business can be Human it’s not about earning profit all the time which should be part of the vision of the company and strategy. So on that imply that humanity is the biggest responsibility in the business world and for business ethics.

Jon Acuf, a writer of best sellers, is a quitter, but with responsibilities, he wrote about quitting his job in his book “Quitter.” He mentions the new type of responsibilities that you will have after leaving your job, “all the responsibilities that were quietly and almost magically covered when you had a steady job suddenly become your new and more demanding Dons (Dons is the plural of Donnie a nick name for his old boss).” Jon consider that he’s the best in “quitting jobs:” He did so for more than eight jobs and Donnie was one of a series of bosses he left behind. But, after leaving these jobs he concluded that his “new bosses” would become his family members, asking “how do dreams pay the bills?” But he consider himself as lucky since he “found a way to close the gap between my day job and my dreams.” Through speaking well his books became best sellers. Here again being human is part of a job further more a Dream to be fulfilled. If that have a meaning is that living in a more human world became a dream with the material called money that would be using this creature of God our brother to get our own bills and spend our money. Between the quitter who left his jobs and bill gates who wanted to be involved in humanitarian missions through his company we should think during Corona era about what a human cost is. It’s more than a body to be sold and functioning properly.

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