U.S Army Veteran feels threaten by Crimeophobia’s investigation on Money Laundering charges


Claimed Veteran who served in Germany and Afghanistan for the U.S Army faces inquiry of Crimeophobia for alleged Money Laundering charges for transferring funds from India.


An Indian-Origin, currently aged 35, who got a job with the U.S Army and claims to have served only for the tenure of five years due to the agreement period faces inquiry of Crimeophobia, a Criminology Firm. The company is widely known for its expertise in decoding Organised Crime that now takes on this claimed US Veteran’s money laundering pattern. It has been noted that a tag of U.S Veteran was inherited by this officer to smoothen the path of carrying Money Laundering from his home country, also popularly known as ‘Hawala’. The man also took the benefit to complete his further studies after taking retirement from the U.S Army and eventually got a job with Amazon Warehouse for which he got transferred in various cities.


The e-commercial giant had also transferred him in India due to him being of an Indian origin during the seasonal sales. It was this particular period when suspicion of transferring funds from India to the U.S was initiated. It has been observed that Money Laundering was carried in the name of his wife, whom he got married in India and also under the name of his biological parents who are also under the radar of extorting various individuals. Furthermore, when the incident was confronted with this former US Army officer, he felt threatened by the questions raised by Crimeophobia and started to criminally intimidate by stating that he would approach the US Army as he possesses some kind of ‘Secret Security Clearance’. The former officer was encouraged to file the complaint under whatever conditions, since the work of Crimeophobia, would have become much easier as all the inquiry would have been initiated by the U.S Authorities.


However, when the same wasn’t done by him then Crimeophobia took the initiative to approach relevant authorities in response to the criminal intimidation in the name of ‘Secret Security Clearance’. The Crimeophobia-Team has already approached ‘Defense Intelligence Agency’ and ‘U.S Department of Veterans Affair’, Inspector General for criminal verification of this officer and currently waiting for their response. The detailed notice of verification given to the US Authorities demands a complete background of this officer being a Veteran or not. The notice also seeks information about the Income Tax details of his assets against the income he must have earned while serving with the US Army and Amazon Warehouse. “While a huge community of Veterans are either homeless or facing major physical & mental trauma, it has been stated on the record by this 35 years old Veteran of owning expensive watches, cars like Ferrari & BMW along with a Bungalow which is spread across 10 acres in the U.S which is a questionable list of assets” says Criminologist Snehil Dhall, founder of Crimeophobia.


In addition, misusing the title of a Veteran to convert all the black income of his parents into legitimate white money is one of the key aspects of the ongoing inquiry. Furthermore, as an employee of Amazon Warehouse, he is very much under power to simply take expensive items under major discounted price and claim it to be expensive through an invoice to the authorities. The power is given by Amazon to its warehouse employees of possessing the information about which items should be purchased in cash, which in this case is unaccounted black money and then be item gets transported for sales in white. The number of opportunities to process Money Laundering has been at the doorsteps of this officer which matches with any other Organized Crime carried globally due to which Crimeophobia initiated its inquiry.


Lastly, any criminal guilty of their crime gets into the habitual act of threatening the organization which has initiated an inquiry against them. In this situation as well, the sequence of various acts are within the chain of evidence to confirm that illegal and unaccounted funds are transferred from India. However, if the entire inquiry is considered to be false & fabricated then a threat to complain under ‘Secret Security Clearance’ would never be stated on the record. Under the circumstantial evidence, Crimeophobia continues to send reminders to the US authorities as they are very eager to know on the ‘Secret Security Clearance’ of this claimed Veteran. It is assumed that the authorities are conducting their own internal inquiry before giving a written reply to Crimeophobia while other crimes committed by this individual is yet to be explored further.


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