Is Times of India Management supporting their employee for Terror logistics?

The Times of India founded in 1838 is a leading daily English Newspaper of India with a circulation of 3,057,678 as per Dec 2015 report of ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) which is reportedly supporting their employees to misuse their frame for promoting corruption in India?


Mumbai: The Associate General Manager of prestigious Times Group is facing criminal charges for assaulting and using criminal force on a senior citizen lady. This is the second First Information Report (FIR) referred as Police Case that Mr. Manoj Misra is facing for assaulting and attempting to molest a female but Times Group has taken no steps in the interest of Women Safety being compromised by their employee. It has been noted that Mr. Manoj Misra handles the logistics for Times Group for their printing press at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai units for the distribution of their publication in which Misra claims to handle 339 vehicles for the group. There have been repeated complaints filed with the Managing Director and his management about Mr. Manoj Misra, however, no action has been taken against him who works with the Media Giant since 25+ years.


In another case filed against Misra, the complainant has alleged him of threatening and using abusive racist comments by calling a Punjabi as ‘Khalistani’, referring to Sikh Terrorist Organisation. The complainant has filed a criminal and compensation case respectively under Cyber and Criminal Laws in which the court has given directions to Mumbai Police for taking the statement of the complainant. The Police took the statement of the complainant and further legal remedies are considered by the Criminal Justice System. The Criminal intimidation by Manoj Misra has been felt by many of his office and neighbours due to which he has been socially boycotted as mentioned by anonymous individuals. It has also been reported by the security guards of his apartment that many other women in the residential building have also tried to report crimes against him under ‘Outrage of women’s modesty’ but mostly the Police does not register their case.


In a telephonic conversation, the immediate boss of Misra has also confirmed that many complaints have come to him as well but Misra doesn’t listen to anyone in the office because of his anti-social behaviour in the office. His senior, Mr. Roque Rodrigues further added that “He stays far away from people and doesn’t listen to anyone which makes it very difficult to counsel him. If he would have done anything inside office then we could have taken immediate action against him but all the activities reported to us are of outside and he claims to settle by himself.” Furthermore, Criminologist Snehil Dhall stated that “A person having Anti-Social Behaviour at his workplace as mentioned by Mr. Rodrigues does indicate that Mr. Manoj Misra can lead to criminal activities since a person who doesn’t have any friends at all in a company where he has worked for approx 29 years is definitely part of a disorder to be investigated.” The officials of Mumbai Police are yet to arrest him for the FIR taken of the senior citizen lady complainant while Mr. Manoj Misra roams freely to find his next target.

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