Crimeophobia Supports ED for ongoing Scrutiny against Rotary Int’l on Money Laundering Probe

“Unregistered Clubs all over India in the name of Rotary International, Lions Clubs International, Business Network International (BNI) and Toastmaster International carry Money Laundering Model reported by Crimeophobia” says Criminologist Snehil Dhall


India: The Indian Agency for Financial Fraud that particularly meant for Money Laundering has initiated their probe on the complaint of a resident from Tamil Nadu. The case is linked to unregistered clubs that are supposed to have Charity / Trust Commission certification as per Indian Laws but they assume that being registered with the American Organisation is enough. As per the report submitted by Crimeophobia under The Evidence Act of India, the Prima facie states that “Yearly Bank Accounts for smooth Money Laundering through National and Foreign unauthorized the contribution which is liquidized in the name of Social Service is the questionable act”. The report further highlights about Transnational Organized Crime has been initiated rapidly across the globe; however, the corporate touch given to the entire model is making the general public be part of without knowing that they are committing various kinds of crimes.


The details confirmed that theses American Organisations in the name of Social Service and Business development do not take any responsibility for any criminal activities committed by their clubs in the local level that includes money laundering and other white-collar crimes. But at the same time, they also do not update their clubs and members that every club is supposed to comply with t0heir own country laws which in specific terms is the registration of NGO with Charity / Trust Commission of respective countries. The reasons for this criminal manipulation is because Lions and Rotary are interested only in taking the registration fees which they charge in US Dollars and if every club starts registering themselves as Charity / Trust then the documentation hassle could discourage many from becoming a member or forming new clubs.


It takes only one fancy Registration Certificate to convince the innocent minds of the general public which is couriered by Americans and most Indians assume they are registered as a legitimate NGO. As per Crimeophobia, approx 8 out of 10 of these clubs are not registered with Charity / Trust Commission of India but they continue to operate as NGO since they manage to get a legitimate Bank Account. Whereas, even in the registered NGO we suspect only 0.01% of these Clubs across the country are updating their financials to the government agencies. The crime doesn’t stop here since the International format needs large administrating committees that are based on jurisdiction and number of members within a village, town, city, district, states, zones, countries, continent and finally the International Head-Office. These administrative boards are again not registered with any government body and they charge a fee from the club and their members to administrate them, however, all these amounts are also unaccounted.


The evaluation report is also registered by Criminologist Snehil Dhall with Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the form of Criminal Writ Petition No. 19/2017 which has been initiated to put the entire illegal format under ‘United Nations Transnational Organised Crime’ as the core aspect of this Recommendation ratified is stated for Money Laundering as well. However, due to the issues of the Dates with the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the matter is pending. In addition, the criminology verification conducted on Lions and Rotary International Clubs under their respective Foundations were later checked with BNI (Business Network International) that runs like a parallel Income Tax Department. The particular model of these clubs is to recommend and provide a reference for the business who are the members as entrepreneurs / professionals. If the Government Departments need the exact Income / Tax of any individual then these financial details are available on the Income Portal of BNI in which every member reports without fail as per the protocol of the Membership model.


If the reporting is not done in this particular Income Portal of receiving or giving business/funds then the member is been removed from the club due to which if this portal is taken into major scrutiny and its details are verified with government records then Multi-Lacs Crores can be recovered overnight by the Enforcement Directorate. The format of Toastmaster International is also quite similar to the systematic model of BNI. The only source to trace the details of Lions Club International & Rotary International are through Banks as they would be the only ones to have record of the total number of Clubs and their financials, whereas, for Business Network International and Toastmaster International their primary portal has to be demanded the details of their members and funds. All these four organizations are American based and regulations linked to proceedings against them would be channelized from the U.S due to which appropriate Government Departments would need to be intimated as well.







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