Crimeophobia: Brutality of Bangalore Police against Women inside Police Station a Conspiracy by Millionaire School & Builder?

 A Woman beaten inside the Police Station faces Criminal Charges for questioning about her complaint has the entire Police Station staff as witnesses in the Fake FIR against her and others.


Bangalore: The State of Karnataka already has an unstable government with repeated dramatics happening among their rebellious Legislators while the Police Department manages its dramatics behind the curtains appropriately. The City of Bangalore is globally considered as one of the IT hubs that are simultaneously replacing Humans with advance technology and Human Rights with Political Terrorism. Besides, the Police provide complete support to Millionaires against whom the complaints are filed by creating their own story having false charges against their complainants. One such complaint of a single mother was against a Principal of National Public School and Manager of Sobha Builders who were accused in a Police Complaint of wrongful confinement of minor child along with his family members.


The names of these employees of Millionaires were added after Police took official permission from the court, however, the next investigative police team removed the names eventually. As per the reports, the single mother’s son was wrongfully taken away by his father who conspired with the School Principal for the same. At the same time, the matrimonial flat in which they initially resided is still an unregistered property for which the bank has already provided Home Loan due to Sobha Builders who were the accused in the said Police Report. With a confirmed Police Report submitted to the court after two years, the names have been deleted off the Millionaires employees. Furthermore, the complainant single mother visited the Police Station repeatedly for submitting the evidence and to have the status updates of the Police Report which was suppose to be submitted within 90days but was brutally thrashed.


The Police Station had no shame in first making a video of the woman inside the police station and later beating her until phone calls were made to the Police Control Room and the then Bangalore Police Commissioner. On the next day the woman scheduled her visit with her Legal Advisor to the Police Commissioner which never happened because of the brutality by local Police Station. The officials of Police Station had already filed the FIR against the woman and started tracing her whereabouts in which they reached the Parking Zone of the Police Commissioner’s Office to arrest her. Later it was understood that the Police registered a Fake Police Complaint stating the woman came inside the Police Station to inquire about her complaint and got aggressive in which she tore the uniform of a Police Constable, robbed his Mobile Phone and ran.


The report has dozens of Witnesses to confirm the police version of this crime story, however, Karnataka High Court has not accepted the story narrated by the police and passed Stay Order in all proceedings. The Court has also ordered the Police to give their reply for which the Bangalore Police has chosen to be silent for almost a year. Furthermore, the Police have been planting fake news with the help of local News Channels and Newspapers to show themselves as brave cops who arrested the woman who robbed them by entering the Police Station. One of the National News Agency withdrawn and deleted the entire story after realizing the News given by the Bangalore Police was fabricated and false. The Police have now submitted their final report in the original police complaint of the woman in which they have alleged that she isn’t providing any evidence but forgot about their police complaint in which they have already stated that the woman visited the police station for her complaint. With contradictory Police Reports submitted to relevant courts the fate of the city is highly subjective for the safety of the woman and Human Rights.




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