My Dream of Love, Peace and Harmony in the World

An article covering a recent speech by the Lebanese Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs stressed that the recently re-imposed sanctions by the US administration on Iran are also aimed at waging economic war on his country too. Maybe not just his country.

This sparked a thought in my mind with respect to many of our “leaders” across the world. It is true that, in our democracies it is we, the people, who choose our leaders. A problem that immediately arises is when our chosen leaders turn out to be in it for their own prestige or even, in some cases, financial gain, rather than to improve the of the lives of those they were elected to represent. To elect a narcissistic leader can be a real recipe for disaster.

The American people chose Donald Trump as their “leader,” but did they? Because of their peculiar approach to democracy, that is their strange “electoral college,” (something I can only suggest should have been left in the past long ago), Trump did not win by a majority or popular vote of the American citizens. He won because of this peculiar “electoral college” system which apparently selects the winner by the majority of states rather than the majority of American citizens! Trump seems to me to be stubbornly and recklessly determined to create as much chaos in the rest of the world in the name of his “Make America Great Again” campaign as he can. This phrase alone has sinister undertones as it is reported to have been first used by the Ku Klux Klan!!! Unfortunately Trump is succeeding to create chaos by starting trade (economic) wars between nations. Because a treaty that negotiated the removal of some of the sanctions imposed on Iran in return for a removal of their desire for a nuclear weapon was signed by Barak Obama, Trump had to remove America from it, apparently just to spite his predecessor! Removing America from this treaty is much to the shame and disgust of America’s allies, many of whom were also signatories of this treaty. Because of the overbearing economic hold America has over trade with individual companies of many of their allies, these companies would face ruin if they continued to trade with Iran, a no win situation. Doing more business with Iran in order to improve their economy, and hence the lives of the ordinary Iranian citizen, is well worth continuing if it also means the end of Iran’s nuclear weapon ambition. So it’s not just an economic wars against Lebanon (and Iran), but against America’s allies too. Some European leaders (including my own country’s) are now pleading with Iran to continue talking, as without talk hope of peace is lost.

Hopefully though, in less than 18 months time, real, loving, caring and peaceful Americans will remove Trump. A dream of mine which I hope will come true, and then I further hope that talks between all begin again with the aim that peace and love will prevail.

It is natural that the majority of citizens of every country are patriotic towards their homeland. I am certain, too, that those who study truthful history (rather than the history our governments want us to believe) have learned and understood that it is often some of our leaders who mislead and misrepresent that cause nations to fight each other. Sometimes, unfortunately,  we inadvertently elect the wrong people, either by a mistaken belief in them, a corrupt electoral system, or one that belongs to history, like the one purported to be democratic that is still in place in the USA.

By removing those who are now in power for their own personal gain or in the name of religion, whose predecessors have caused all wars in all time, then surely the result of their removal must lead to peace and harmony in the world. Many ordinary people already know how to live together and embrace their differences, so why can’t some of our leaders ever seem to achieve this too?

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