Modi’s Fight with Generation Transition in India not Corruption: Crimeophobia

With 34.8% population recorded in the year 2011 by Indian Government and having estimated 65% population under the age of 35 by 2020 the current Government needs Transitional model.

India:The Youngest Country of the World as per the United Nations Report of having 356 million 10-24 years-olds now needs an immediate Transitional Model to replace the Generation in order to have the stability against clashes of ego. The current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi has already taken control of the second term in leading the country but till now he struggles how to get the ideology of the Young India in the administration. While the United Nations celebrates the World Youth Skills Day, it’s merely a co-incidence that India’s most ambitious space mission called Chandrayaan-2 (Moon Mission) is also scheduled on 15thJuly to mark the day for Young India.

At times it could be difficult for outsiders to understand why the country is obsessed with the moon for its astrological calculations for making life decisions but at the same time the progressive mind of India also aims big by placing the robotic rover on the moon. The Political leadership of Indian Prime Minister cannot be matched by anyone for the expected generation transition since he is among those Senior Citizens’s who are living a Bachelor’s lifestyle. With a tenure of next five years in hand, Mr. Modi has the biggest challenge of making sure the egos of his generation doesn’t come in the way of Young India which will be leading the world to its coming glories.

Most youth who question the generation in which the Prime Minister falls under have a common statement to make i.e. “Your age is less than our experience” but Mr. Modi has always believed in Young people being the innovators, creators, builders, and leaders of the future. However, will Mr. Modi be able to manage in changing the minds of his generations in the country that we youth can transform the future with the skills of decision-making and taking real choices in life is yet to be explored. One of the biggest issues Mr. Modi will face is the act of intentional ignorance in which his generation at times are in no mood to answer questions and for avoiding the conflict are they going ahead with violence and misuse of the Law.

The questions if raised to officials of government may lead to illegal Police Cases on youth, while many others could get beaten at home at the time of rebuttal. Regardless, of endless generation gap conflicts the youth may face, the transiting generation continues to have high hopes from its Millennial Prime Minister who works 18 hours a day in taking the country to new heights at global forum. Whereas, we at Crimeophobia also have similar hopes since our expertise in National Security & Counter-Terrorism are yet to be recognized by the Government Agencies as one of the only Service Industry trying to position infront of Product Industry of Giant.

The country doesn’t allow one vendor project bidding and to add it further the system also expects the Service Providers like Crimeophobia to work with Product based companies which is not acceptable to Subject Experts since the quality ethic gets compromised. Being young is an inner feeling and not a number for which Mr. Modi is an iconic example but he has to initiate occasions to educate the public on the issue to mobilize political will and create resources to address the national problems on behalf of the Government. While Indian educational system has already started Family Business degree course for the private sector, we are yet to find out what actions will the Modi Regime take for having a management structure for the Generation-Transition-Model at every front.



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