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Trans-Neutrality of the colour of

Journalism and the media outlets requires facing multiple problems in the world related to their work, funding, performance and continuity. Although the authorities are dealing with the journalists as a body separate from the media, when confronted with it they face the background of this institution one way or another. This is how the journalist becomes the one looking for a journalistic interview who have the ability to shedding skins get to his aim in the opinion of the committed to a side.

We commit ourselves to the Universal Declaration of human rights, its article 19 to freedom of expression, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek information and ideas, receive and impart through any media and regardless of frontiers” and Article XIII of the Lebanese Constitution , which states “must ensure the freedom to express their views orally or in writing, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, and freedom of association within the limits prescribed by law”  

We at know that we are the weak link in any conflict, military or ideological  dispute. Being aware of the political reality and understanding that the politician need diplomacy in dealing with all parties. We are not diplomats, nor politicians and we do not represent any party activist involved in public affairs. This does not mean that we are not involved in adopting and working on issues related to social responsibility, we adopt a leading position in regard to our work, mission or performance.

Social responsibility reflects in our corporate and public policies and as we are often first to apply social responsibilities we are singled out as conveyers of news as a methodology in the context of public policy making.

Our commitment is to neutrality as a new location, we deal with all parties in parallel, so we cannot be accused of bias of one over the other. We present to an intelligent audience who understands that we are not sponsors for any particular party. So we at have “removed the hats” that have to do with parties and wear only the colour of the BBC journalistic teachings; we do not load our questions that hints to one party or another and give the same opportunities for all parties and represent the reality of the press in solidarity with our colleagues.


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Rita boulos Chahwan


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