Sister-in-Law of Former MD for ‘The Times of India Group’ shown ARRESTED by Mumbai Police without arrest


After 15 years Mumbai Police has confirmed of arresting 10 accused in a financial fraud case while they have no documents to prove if the arrest or fraud had actually been conducted.

Mumbai: An Oral Evidence based Financial Fraud police case against Managing Committee of a housing society was already controversial due to an individual impersonating as Indian Government official but now it has got even more complicated. The Police Station that registered this case in the year 2004 had claimed in the year 2015 of nine accused being ‘WANTED’ as per their Police Record and now in the year 2019 they have shown the same accused as ‘ARRESTED’. With no record or documents to prove the arrest in the year 2004, surprisingly Mumbai Police also provided the arrest date as per their recent letter.

On the other hand, the evaluation report of the financial fraud prepared by team of Crimeophobia – A Criminology Firm also states variousgovernment departments have already confirmed that they provided no financial fraud report in the case filed by Mumbai Police against managing committee of a Housing Apartment Committee having mainly Media Giant officials.

Any Financial Fraud cannot be established without a documented written audit report but this simple logic wasn’t understood by the officials of the Police Station who registered the complaint. The Police report mentioned multiple employment history of the complainant who posed as employee of a Government Department, however, every office denied of having him as their staff. In addition, these departments also confirmed that no financial fraud investigation was authorized against housing apartment located in Mumbai. The Police Case which was taken in the year 2004 has more than 100 witnesses and thousands of documents but the court never began their scrutiny over the years. The investigative evaluation report made by Crimeophobia – Team also revealed that none of the government officials linked to the case gave the mandatory authorization or permission either to the complainant or any other person/s for filing of the case which Mumbai Police has registered.

Currently, every department involved for establishing the financial fraud have taken a complete step back in providing any data as they claim of being completely unaware of the same. Under such circumstances, the question of Mumbai Police taking their self decision to file an Oral evidence based Financial Fraud case against employees of mainly Times of India Group, a Media Giant in India, raises serious questions. The case has also named Mrs. Lata Tarneja who is the sister-in-law of the then Managing Director of Times of India Group along with few other senior management officials of the same organization.

As per sources the police station chose to keep the case extremely low profile since they couldn’t arrest the Media Giant’s top management officials, especially the Managing Director’s family member. Regardless, it is extremely surprising that a Media Giant which has thousands of Investigative Journalist failed to find the information openly available with Government Departments. If the Times of India Group had paid attention and verified the fabricated acts of the Police Case, then many other cases could have been avoided to safeguard their own managerial officials. However, the reasons for ignorance are best known to the Media Giant. At the time of approaching the current Managing Director through his team they responded over the mail by stating that they are feeling intimidated, threatened and harassed with the questions put across by Crimeophobia – Team. The Times of India Group hasn’t responded after all the documentary evidences were provided to them.

Brief about the Case:A Residential Apartment was constructed under the World Bank Project of 24 floors on the land of Government (taken on long lease). It’s been claimed to be constructed at the cost of approx USD 860,000 by Apartment-Flat Owners having mainly Media Giant officials, however, on the basis of fake oral report by impersonating a government employee, the complainant has claimed that a fraud worth USD 350,000 was committed. The same criminal conspiracy was further manipulated by another resident of the same apartment, a Former General Manager of IMG Reliance (A Sports Sponsorship Company), who chose to file a similar Police Case under Oral Evidence of USD 1,115,000 worth fraud amount. The case is currently in Court and remains sub judicefor additional details.



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