Dawn 9 June 2019
Dawn on my early Sunday morning walk.

Well-being is defined as a state of being comfortable, happy or healthy. Sometimes you can accomplish all of those in a single event. Being a daily walker, I am often in those states of well-being as I am drawn into the beauty and sometimes surprises of nature. It becomes easy to forget about the demands of daily life and simply enjoy the moment, whilst walking brings about health benefits as well.


About Steve

Steve is part of the publishing team of Al-Khabar. He was initiated into Neptune Lodge 5150 EC In 1986 and completed his third degree by being exalted into Neptune’s Royal Arch Chapter in 1989; he also enjoyed two successive years in the Chair of KS in 1993/4. He has also enjoyed being a Mark Master Mason and a Royal Ark Mariner. He has been honoured with the position of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon. All the articles are his own and represent no Official Masonic Body


  1. All while I am sound asleep

  2. At the heart of your essence you have the power; you comprehend your power and you know what you want.


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